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Misa dominical en el

Diócesis Católica de San Diego (pregrabado).

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We, the Christian Community of Christ the King Parish, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego,  declare our mission to be that of Jesus ‐ to preach the  Word, to 

evangelize and to witness to the 

presence and the coming of God’s 

Kingdom of justice, love, and peace 

in today’s world.



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Que Descansen En La Paz Celestial

Fr. Tommie L. Jennings
Rincón del pastor 

Sunday, Dec, 2022

The season of Advent is upon us, and we all need to remember the expression, “Keep Christ in Christmas.” We can be so busy preparing with all the material gadgets and gizmos that we forget that we need to be preparing our spiritual lives for the coming of the savior.

Here are some of the items that I would like to call to your attention:

Regarding HR 8404 the Bishops Conference had this to say:

 I found a relevant article in the publication “Catholic Thing” The Lord of History by

Fr. Paul D. Scalia please read here:


Pope Francis recently did an interview with reporters from “America” magazine. I read the article and then I ventured to see how some media outlets covered it.

Here is the article Please see the comments by Gloria Purvis in this article regarding African American Catholics:

National Catholic Reporter carried the same article but there was no mention of the question and comment regarding African American Catholics. Please read their coverage here:

It just seems to me that a popular publication like NCR should carry the whole America article.

Tell me what you think?


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In Christ,

Fr. Tommie Jennings